This person is giving 6 million rupees to follow, made the world record

Japan's businessman Yusaku Maezawa tweeted such a tweet. Which is being discussed worldwide. Their tweets have set a record of the most remarkable hit.

Japan’s businessman Yusaku Maezawa tweeted such a tweet. Which is being discussed worldwide. Their tweets have set a record of the most remarkable hit. Their tweets have been retweeted 5.8 million. People tweeted this tweet because the money is getting re-written. Billionaire businessman Yusaku Maizawa tweeted on January 5 that the 100 million yen (more than six crore rupees) would be rewarded between the 100 lucky winners who would retweet this tweet and follow along as well. These tweets became viral in a few hours.

Yusaku Mejwa is the founder of the largest online fashion retailer, Jojatoon. He tweeted while typing: “JoJotown’s New Year’s Cell has been the fastest in history and so far we have sold 10 billion yen (about 6.5 billion rupees) of goods. Expressing gratitude for this, I will give 100 million yen (about 6.5 crore rupees) to 100 of us. Follow my handle to apply and retweet this tweet. ‘

The tweet broke the record of Carter Wilkinson’s tweet. Earlier this record was with Carter Wilkinson. The tweets for college student Carter were 35.8 million rubrics. In 2017, they appealed to people to refit their tweets to get free chicken nuggets from fast food chains for one year. Jojatown founder Yusaku Mejwa tweeted to make a millionaire. The response has been quite good.

Yusaku Mehjawa is the most successful businessman. Along with business, it is also famous for the collection. They also have a super car from Pegaso’s petting to Bugatti. He has also purchased the ticket to go to the moon. In 2023, he has been selected as the first passenger for the rocket to go to the moon. In 10 years, he took the business from the floor to the ash. Their clothes are quite popular in Japan.

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