This horrific act was carried out for three hours outside the house, captured in CCTV VIDEO

Something happened in California that surprised everyone. A man licked Dor Bell outside the house for three hours.

Something happened in California that surprised everyone. A man licked Dor Bell outside the house for three hours. The California police is now looking for the man.According to the news of Sky News, Robert Daniels Arroyo who is a thief. She was seen licking the house bell at the New Year’s night. This incident took place in Selina, California. Homeowner Silvia Dungan told KION that she was not present at the time of the incident, but her children were present in the house at the time.

When they got the notification either they checked the security camera footage. He was surprised to see. They saw someone was licking their dorbell. He did it for a few minutes, but not for 3 hours. They did not even understand why they were licking the door bell. If the police believe, they feel that they were doing this to relax.

He did not do any harm, just walked away with Dor Bell. This person has been identified by the police. As soon as Silvia showed these footage to the police, the police came to know about this man.

Tweeting Silvia Dungan, he told that he has brought the doorbell of the house last month. Whose money was recovered It was very weird I feel strange to her family. Police is now looking for the 33-year-old Robert Daniel Arroyo.


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