Things That We Must Experience at Least Once in Our Life! Before We Die

1. Falling in Love

Fall in Love

Falling in love is the best feeling you will ever have! You know this better if you’ve fallen in love that feeling is something one must experience in life. When you fall in love you not only fall in love with the person, you fall in love with life, life suddenly will start looking beautiful than ever.

2. Travelling Alone

Travel Alone

When you travel alone you are carefree, you have no responsibility, you’ll feel more confident then ever. It may sound weird but it will be the most liberating experience and you’ll be the truest you at that time you’ll have all the freedom you can do whatever you wanna do and whenever you wanna do. Isn’t this exciting.

3. Go for An Adventure Trip

Adventure Trip

And by adventure, I mean something absolutely challenging and out of our comfort zone.

4. Doing One Thing That Scares The Hell Out of You


Yeah! The Movie Zindagi na milegi dobara thing is so dope.. You must give it a try once in our life. That’s what makes life exciting. You know why the roller coaster ride is so much fun because you need thrill in your life and that’s why I’m suggesting you this and the plus point you’ll have this one thing to boast about in front of your family and friends for an entire lifetime. woohooooo.

5. Living Alone

Living alone

yeah! you heard it right, Living alone will make you independent literally in every aspect earning on your own doesn’t mean you’re independent you’re just financially independent. And  while living alone you’ll know yourself more you’ll explore about yourself more you’ll come to know things and habits of your own which you might haven’t noticed yet.

6. Explore Our Sexuality


Make out with a stranger or passionate kiss someone of the same sex. It’s refreshing, trust me.

7. Experiencing A Heart Break

Heart Break

You’ll doubt that what am I saying? because life is not always about being happy and good times there will be times when life will go downstream and it is necessary to know the importance of happiness and good times. But yessss just like after falling in love your life isn’t the same similarly after a break up neither life nor you’re are the same, you’re a completely different person. The pain of a loved one leaving you will tear you apart but it will make you stronger than you’ve been ever and you’re ready for facing anything any pain any difficult situation because no pain is bigger than a heart break.

8. Making Someone Else Happy

Spread Happiness

One thing you should do every now and then and you’ll know that how good it feels after you do somethings to make others smile. Every once in a while you should tell people in your life how important they are, make time for friends, sit with them listen to them, compliment them, share some your thoughts, remind them their good qualities and do a little sacrifices, go an extra mile, do a little more effort to make others day and may be that’s what they need you don’t know what someone is going through and how little things can make their day.

9. Break The Rules

Break The Rules

By which I don’t mean murder or steal, but how about party after hours or something like that?

10. Donate Money

Donate money

You feels good after donate something to the needy or poor people at that time expression and happiness on their face is precious for them and us😍.

And you can add many other things to this list and if you wanna share, you can in the comment section right below!

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