PUBG Mobile India banned: Indian police are arresting students for playing PUBG during exam season

Tencent India siding with the players, considering talk with local authorities

Earlier this week, Rajkot police arrested 10 college Students while playing PUBG Mobile games and their smartphones have also been seized. The Rajkot Police have arrested 10 Students who have played in PUBG, 6 of them are Graduates, who have been playing PUBG for the last two days, although the police have left these people on Bell. After this arrest, Tencent India, a company running the PUBG game, has made its statement for the first time. Let’s know

PUBG is still legal in the rest states and cities of India, but Gujarat singled out the game after parents and educators complained that the game was too violent and distracted students from studying. Last month in February, a local minister in Gujarat described it as “a demon in every house,” according to The Times of India. And even as players continue to enjoy playing PUBG on mobile in other states of India, educators elsewhere in the country are still concerned about the game being too addicting.

Tencent India has taken the side of players and said that he is with PUBG players and he will soon talk to Rajkot Police and demand to remove the ban on PUBG. The Tencent has said, “We are surprised that many cities in India have been banned from advertising. We are trying to understand the legal basis of such restrictions and for this, we will also talk to the concerned officials. We are standing with our players and will soon find a suitable solution to the game.

Please tell that this matter has recently been related to the arrest of 10 people playing by the Rajkot police, although all have been released on bail. Last week, Gujarat’s Rajkot police commissioner Manoj Agrawal had issued an order saying that the ban on pubg in the district till 30 March 2019 is prohibited. This order was implemented from 9th March, but many people are playing stolen games.

In the order of Manoj Agrawal, it was said that during the ban on Pubg, if anyone is complaining about playing PUBG and he is found guilty, action will be taken against him and he will be arrested under Section 188 of the IPC. Also, a fine of up to Rs 200 can be imposed.

Let us know that before this, a child from Bombay High Court had demanded a ban. In many states, there has been a demand for ban on PUBG. After the poor health of a gym trainer in Jammu and Kashmir, the demand for bans was started in the state.

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