Meet 106-year-old Mastanamma from Andhra Pradesh, the oldest YouTuber in India

She worked as a daily wage labourer in paddy fields, till she turned 105 last year and would earn Rs 200 or 300 which she would share with her son.

It’s never to late for new beginnings and this woman is a living proof to it

There is no shortage of talent and talented people  in India. There are many talent hiding in small villages and towns of every state of India, which can illuminate the name of Hindus all over the world. The talents who have got the platform are trying their best to be in their world on the basis of their talents and their talents. We also keep reading about newspapers, newspapers and television channels, and on such websites, about such talented people who live in India. Anyway, it is said that there is no age of skill. Mastanamma, who is over 106 years old, breaks the bonds of age.

One such talent is 106 years old grandmother, who has been viral on social media for a long time. The 106-year-old grandmother is Mastanamma and she is the Amma of the great Master Shaheb. Mastanamma tells her age more than 106 years. They are starving traditional flavors in their special kitchen in the open space.

Where on the one side of the age of 50-60 years of age, the attention of everybody’s retirement and comfort comes to mind. In such a case, this veteran of the 106-year-old Mastanamma is presenting a new example.

Who is Karre Mastanamma?

Named ‘Martamma’ at birth in the village of Kopalle in Andhra Pradesh, she was adopted by a Muslim family who did not have a daughter. They gave her the name ‘Mastanamma.’ As a child, Mastanamma refused to stay with her new family and soon returned to her village.

Married at 11, to a man named Bhushanam, she was widowed at 22. Left to fend on her own and raise five children (four sons and one daughter), Mastanamma became a daily wage labourer who worked at the paddy field for a hand-to-mouth existence.

In an epidemic that hit her tiny village of Guduvada, in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh, she lost 4 out of 5 of her children to cholera. Of the five, only her eldest—David—survived, who lost his eyesight.

Even though all her relatives stay in houses surrounding her, Mastanamma continues to stay independently in her hut and cooks her own food. She even worked as a daily wage labourer in paddy fields, till she turned 105 last year and would earn Rs 200 or 300 which she would share with her son.

My husband was a nice man. I miss him sometimes. At his deathbed, I asked him– How will I survive alone with our five children? He held my hand and said, you are a very intelligent and strong woman. You will survive,” she shares in an anecdote from her life in one of her videos.

At the age of ordinary people can not even do the necessary work of everyday life or just start thinking about rest. In such a way, Mastanamma is shocked by this unsuitable art of making the whole world its own food. Mastanamma makes both veg and non-veg food in the native form.

106-year-old Mastanamma

Mastanamma uses the traditional stove solely, without using gas or stove to make food. Amma makes a variety of dishes in a native style and shares on YouTube. Their grandfathers help in this work. The dishes made by them are quite tasteful. Their YouTube channel’s name is ‘Country Foods’. Mastanamma’s fame can be estimated from the fact that millions of people have subscribed to their page.

She is the coolest chef in the world of the Internet Mastanamma has become the oldest YouTuber. Handles her channel with her grandchildren.

Her first fan was her grandson himself, K. Laxman, who got the idea of starting a channel on YouTube when he made food for himself one night with his friends. Speaking with Barcroft, he said,

On a hungry night, my friends and I prepared some food for ourselves, and we thought about starting a YouTube channel, so that people could watch and learn from these cooking tutorials. Our first video went viral surprisingly. That was when I decided to run this channel, to get people to know and understand the traditional way of cooking with fresh ingredients, with the help of my grandmother. She didn’t understand what was happening when we were filming the videos, but when she started to realise it, she felt very happy.

Make desi recipes in their own way. For this they use wooden stove. Apart from this he prepares food in a natural environment outside the home.

It is not that their fences are limited to India only. People also like their videos in countries other than India. If seen, she has become a global grandmother.

Mastanamma is also very active at 106 years of age. He cooks himself, he prepares spices for himself, and yes, he also serves him. The dishes like chicken, mutton, fish, egg curry, eggplant vegetable, sandwich etc. make them ready.

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