Man who saved 2.4 million babies by donating blood ‘retires’ every week for 60 years

Unique disease-fighting antibodies have helped create special injection to help pregnant women

You may have seen donating to many people, but do you know who is the biggest donor? We introduce and claim that your heart will be filled with respect by knowing about that person.

A person in Australia is called Man With the Golden Arm. You know why … because in his arms is the power that has given life to millions of children. James Harrison has been donating blood every week since last 60 years. And after so many blood donation, the 81-year-old man has now retired. According to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, James has saved the lives of nearly 24 million children by donating blood 1173 times so far.

James’s blood has unique antibodies to fight diseases that are used to make injections called anti-D, which helps fight rhesus disease. This disease is the situation when the blood of the pregnant woman actually starts attacking the blood cells of its unborn baby. The worst results are children’s brain damage or death.

James Blood Donor

This condition develops when the pregnant woman has Rhesus Negative (RhD-ve) blood and the child born in the womb has Rhesus positive (RhD + ive) which he inherits from her father.

If the mother’s blood meets the Rh + ive blood during the previous pregnancy, then it can produce antibodies that destroy the blood cells of the child, which can be fatal for the child. More than 17% of women in Australia are at risk from this. In this case, the injection made from the blood of the unique antibodies of James saved the lives of those children.

Why are you donate your blood?

James’s chest surgery was done at the age of 14. Then, due to blood donation, his life was saved. Considering its importance, he had vowed to donate blood from then onwards.

After a few years, doctors discovered that their blood contains such antibodies from which anti-D injections could be made. Since then, he started donating blood, which could help people. Doctors can not say rightly how this particular thing is in their blood, but they believe that it is possible only when they were operated. There are not even 50 people in this antibody in whole Australia, and James is among those few people.

James Harrison in Australia Exlarge

More than 30 million anti-D injections have been given to needy mothers since 1967. Even his own daughter was given this syringe.

Thousands of children died every year before 1967, and doctors did not know why this was happening. A large number of women were being aborted and the children were being born with a damaged brain. In this case, Australia was the first country to have discovered this antibody blood donor.

James who saved millions of lives is proud of the country. And the amount of respect given to them is less. He is called the National Hero of Otralia, for his work, he has been awarded many awards and he has also been honored with the Medal of the Order of Australia which is considered to be the country’s most respected honor.

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