Life-Saving Tips For Solo Travellers – All You Need To Know About Solo Travel

Things You Need to Be to Travel Solo

Traveling is an exciting and the most wonderful and peaceful thing in the world but when you are planning to go solo, it can turn into an intimidating task. While the complete aim of traveling solo is to step out of your comfort zone and discover the world on your own terms, it is more important that you remember to trust your gut at all times. For all It’s much better to be safe than to be sorry.

So here are some useful tips for staying safe on your solo travel:

1) Do basic research on your destination

Travel Safety Tips


Know your surroundings, and always be prepared! Before going somewhere, always do some research! What are normal taxi rates? Where should you take the taxi from at the airport? Check out the reviews on genuine websites before you check into your place of stay. For offbeat places, check forums and blogs.

2) Secure your valuables items in your day bag

Solo Traveller

Certain valuable belongings like your passport, cash, credit cards, phones, medication, camera etc should always take with you. Never leave your valuables items in the checked luggage. Keep the items with you wherever you go.

3) Have an identity card with you at all times

Always carry your government identity like passport, ID and other card with you. You never know when you might need to verify your identity so it is Better to be safe than to be sorry!

4) Keep at least one person or friends regularly informed about your plans

Do keep your family and close friends to well informed about where you’re going to travel to. Always keep a person in the loop. Keep at least a friend informed of locations, and discuss anything that feels suspicious or not right.

5) Don’t Trust People Too Quickly

It can be tempting to join up and find a tribe when you’re traveling to a new destination. Sometimes these tribes turn into lifelong friendships. But they don’t always. Some con artists have mastered the art of helping travelers, getting them to leave their valuables unattended, and robbing them before taking off.

6) Your safety is of the utmost importance

Don’t hesitate to spend a little more on your safety and health. Stay in a hotel which has better ratings and better view. Have an easy access weapon with you. Dress conservatively. Avoid unwanted flirtatious behaviour that can ruin your feeling of safety.

7) Take your own photos

Take Your Own Photos

Learn to take your own photo. Your friends will be far more interested in your photos when you return if there are pictures of you amongst them.

Well! There are plenty of other tips but these tips will serve as a solid foundation for the future.

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