Lava Lolegaon: A Perfect Choice of Hamlet For The Summers in the Himalayas

Lava and Lolegaon are twin tourist spots in the cozy lap of Himalayan Mountains in the hilly terrains of West Bengal. A small journey of four to five hours from the New Jalpaiguri Junction will take you to the twists and turns of the hilly roads of Hiamalaya which you can undoubtedly acknowledge as a tourists' paradise.

We have collected some information, like the distance, how long it may take. From some places, we heard that these two places are also covered in Sikkim travel packages, though actually it falls under West Bengal Tourism Department in Darjeeling district.

For some of us, the only thing that works in travel is gorgeous views coupled with absolute peace, and what better place to experience that than in Lolegaon; a small hamlet located in the Kalimpong sub division of Darjeeling, West Bangal. It’s a most beautiful Lepcha village lying at an altitude of 1,675 meters above the sea level.

Few Fact & Information About LAVA-LOLEGAON

Lolegaon is a natural paradise, courtesy its beautiful landscapes that mostly comprise of lush green forests and serene valleys. However, the reason why one must visit here is the majestic view of the peaks of Kanchenjunga; especially in the early mornings. Lolegaon is about an hour’s journey from Kalimpong (55km) and Lava (24km); the serpentine forest roads affording the most surreal experience.

Tucked away in the far end of the Himalayas, Lolegaon offers small treks and trails, ideal for unwinding and relaxation. You can go on nature walks here or take up moderate level treks.

Hamlet in West Bengal

Locally known as Kaffer, the first thing to do in Lolegaon is visit the Jhandi Dara Sunrise Point, for the most scenic views of the snow-capped of the Singalila Range. Especially those of Mount Kanchenjunga.

Then head to Canopy Walk, located around a kilometre from the bus stand at Lolegaon. It’s a 180-meter long hanging wooden bridge that goes through the dense jungle, full of fir, oak, birch and cypress trees. The hanging bridge interconnects one tree to another, helping the traveller to get a proper view of the beauty of the forest from a height. Those who feel dizzy at a height, should avoid it completely.

Another great attraction is the Eco Park, right at the centre of the village, great for a picnic with family and friends. On the land opposite the Eco Park, is the only existing bazaar of Lolegaon; this is where you buy most of your stuff from. For short treks and excursions, head to places like Lava, Rishop, Pedong, Rishi, Rikisom, all very close to Lolegaon.

Attractions & Activities

In this twin trip of Lava Lolegaon you get a number of things to do, enjoying the intimate touch of nature in every moment you pass through. These are the prime spots that are never to miss when you are there:

Neora Valley National park

It is 123 kms from Lolegaon.


It is a Tibetian Buddhist Monastery with a graceful statue of Lord Buddha. It is only 6 km by road and you have to trek only 1km to reach there.

Chhangey falls

In about 14 Kms from Lava you get to see this magnificent waterfall.

Canopy Walk

There is an amazing hanging wooden footbridge here amidst the close knit forest of huge pines and oaks and it is about 180 mts in length. You might feel like falling off your balance every now and then, but finally when you reach the other side, it gives you an out of the world experience.

Jhandi Dara

It is a Sunrise point about 3.5 km from Lolaygaon.

There are also Neora Lake, Ratnarishi Gumpha, Silviculture Research Centre and Rametay Dara View point which you cannot afford to miss.

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