Injured navy officer Abhilash Tomy rescued latest updates: Indian Navy assures that commander is conscious and in ‘safe hands’

Indian Navy Commander Abhilash Tomy was rescued today from the southern Indian Ocean where he was stranded for the last three days. Abhliash Tomy, who was taking part in the Goldem Globe Race (a circumnavigation tournament), was caught in a storm that wrecked his boat and rendered him immobile. Tomy, in his distress messages, had indicated that he was confined to his bunk bed inside the boat and was finding it difficult to eat or drink anything. An international mission was launched to rescue the Indian sailor and a French patrol boat today picked up Abhilash Tomy. Here is the latest on the mission to rescue Abhilash Tomy.

Commander Abhilash Tomy, who was awarded the Kirti Chakra of the Indian Navy, was escorted out of the South Indian Ocean on Monday. During his participation in the Golden Globe, his boat’s column was broken by rising waves in the sea, due to which he was seriously injured. He was stranded in the sea in his boat wounded for three days.

Golden Globe is the round-the-clock race in the world, in which participants are alone on their own boat. Tomy’s boat was crashed due to a storm of 1,900 nautical miles from Perth. Officials said that Tomy was fighting the life and the war of death in the sea with a serious injury on his crashing boat Thuriya.

The rescue mission was overseen by several Australian agencies, including Australia Rescue Correction Center, with the help of Australia’s Department of Defense and the Indian Navy. Officials said that the Indian Navy had deployed its P8I aircraft for the rescue mission. The vessel of Osiris was also deployed in this campaign.

Tomy Kirti Chakra is also a winner and is representing India on the indigenously built sailing vessel SV Thuriya. The French ship had to face a lot of difficulty in reaching them. Topi’s ship also crashed badly

In order to save them, the Indian Navy had taken INS Satpura, Chetak helicopter, INS Jyoti and P-81 aircraft. The place where he was stranded is about 1,900 nautical miles from Perth in Australia.

According to a report released by France’s Lea Seals de Olone, the waves of 14-meter high and 130 kmph were reversed in the storm on Friday, overturning the vessel’s vessel of Abhilash Tommy of the Indian Navy. Tommy was in touch with the race organizers in France through messages. He was not able to walk.

In the Golden Globe Race a 30,000-mile single world tour is performed through the boat. The same boats are used in this race that were used 50 years ago.

No new technology is allowed in it, except for communication devices. Ashiksh’s sailing vessel is a copy of the first Golden Globe Race winner Robin Knox Johnston’s vessel Suley.

Watch: Visuals of Indian Naval Commander Abhilash Tony’s boat taken on Sunday


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