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Going to Have Your First Time Sex – Be Clear With These Basic Facts

What to Expect From Your Body and Your Feelings - and Talking to Your Parents

If you are allowing for having sex for the first time so there are few things you must know. Getting to those facts is difficult because you have to wade through social taboos and misinformation.

Everybody has their own fantasies about having their first time in bed with their life partner. Sometimes it goes as expected or planned and sometimes it doesn’t. So it is much better to expect the unexpected. We all have bizarre concepts and this is truly based on the movies that actually we watch to fulfill our desires. But usually, the real life is different from reel life. So stay prepared and these are the possible things you might experience in your life.

For girls, visions of the first time are often clouded with ideas of romance that are more based in dreams than in reality.

The decision to have sex should not be taken lightly because it can be destroy your feelings. If you are making it without any decision you shouldn’t be having sex – plain and simple. But if you have given your decision some real thought there you are sure to be full of questions. You have maybe heard rumors about what sex is like and what can and cannot happen “the first time”. Let us clear up the present and the myths you with the realities.

1. The vision of seeing blood is not so common

Yeah, not everyone bleeds. It’s not required, it’s just some biology complex in it. The hymen, if broken in some natural process like running, splitting in dance, swimming or whatever like that, you might not bleed. It completely depends on your body type as well. And at that times it might be the only color you see so be *Red Alert*.

2. You might not feel the pain

Or you might feel ONLY PAIN. It mostly depends how wet you are, so be prepare yourself before digging in. Lube will be helpful. And yeah, you should feel the pleasure and feelings more than the pain.

3. Foreplay is the best thing for everyone that can ever happen

Be it your first time or the last or whatever, foreplay is a must and most important to take the pleasure. It delivers you through a natural lubricator and helps a lot in the process. It’s the warming up time before the exercise and it just triggers the correct mood in both of you.

4. It is okay to be a *Late Comer*

Generally guys become extra horny or just don’t get anything at that time. It is perfectly fine and common if your body reacts like that. From time to time you can be a bit extra or sometimes it is null. So relax and at least make your partner happy and enjoy the pleasure of foreplay.

5. Feeling the feelings is roughly normal

You can also feel so many things or you might feel nothing after the act is done. Sometimes you can be nervous, you can be extremely happy or you just fell OKAY! It’s done now what? So just relax and it is nothing to be worried about. It is done Congrats and now you are out from the Virgin Tag. You are upgraded and updated on the Earth…

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