Inspiring tale from Rajasthan: Daughter of Farmer became pilot, her dreams got wings

Bhilwara (Rajasthan): Whenever she saw an airplane in the sky, her heart began to dream fly, one day I would fly. But in the rugged village who told her how the plane flies and who flies. After a heavy curiosity, the child of the mind asked the farmer Papa, who was flying the airplane. Dad’s answer was -Pilot. Many more questions started in his mind how ultimately these pilots were formed. She reached the school with his uncomfortable questions, and then put the questions in front of her teacher. Today she is a pilot and is the official pilot of Indigo Ailayes.

Bhagya Lakshmi is from the Kalapal village of Rajasthan. Pilot Bhagyalakshmi started dreaming of becoming a pilot by seeing airplane flying in the sky 11 years ago. Farmer father and school teacher helped a lot to turn the dream into reality

As soon as I got the first salary – I will help the girls

The story of Bhagyalakshmi being a pilot is the whole film. Many people see dreams in childhood but Bhagyalakshmi did not only dream but also fulfilled it.

As part of the Bhagyalakshmi pilot, I will help the students

– If I got the first salary, I told the teacher, “Sir, I have become a pilot.” Now I will be able to complete the study and move forward for the daughters of the village. In 2007, Bhagyalakshmi was studying in seventh grade while flying in the sky in the sky. Asked the father who flew this plane?

– Father said – Pilot. I asked teacher Satish Vyas to go to school in the morning, Sir, I want to become a pilot, what will I have to do? After listening to such a question of the child of the seventh grade, the teacher said, “Beta, you must first pass the tenth standard and take the maths in it.” Then you can move towards becoming a pilot. Just then, what was it, Bhagyalakshmi decided to change the dream of becoming a pilot.
– Bhagyalakshmi said that seeing sunlight in the sky at night while lying on the ceiling Asked the father, she said that this is the plane. If I asked more questions, they scolded me. I saw that dream of being a pilot, and then did not look back. Dreams have changed in reality.

Now, I will fully help you to read and move forward for the daughters of the village. Bhagya Lakshmi told that in the night while roaming on the terrace saw flickering lights in the sky. When asked by the father, she said that this is an airplane. When I asked more questions, she scolded me. I dreamed of being a pilot that night and then did not look back. The dream was changed by turning the dream into reality.

Bhagyalakshmi’s father is a farmer. Every year the father who was hit by drought kept the daughter’s dream away from drought. Papa did not leave any stone unturned in fulfilling every dream of Bhagyalakshmi, regardless of people. When she became pilot, Her father gave information to the teacher about the first posting and was happy to tell her salary also but the teacher was so excited by not being able to attend her small fortune salaries that she said salary does not matter to reach this point.

When she used to study in the village school, she used to eat food for the children. Some children leave their false plates, then Bhagyalakshmi used to clean it by eat them. After passing 10th from Cassoria, she went to Navodaya Vidyalaya. Started flying from Kanpur. She is a co-pilot in Indigo in Delhi. Her dream is that once the teacher is in my flight and she makes a special announcement.

Bhagyalakshmi explains that the pilot had dreamed of becoming a pilot but did not tell him. When I passed 10th, Dad asked to take science and I took mathematics. When I was in 12th, I expressed my desire to become a pilot. I was shocked Papa yes yes. We started the investigation, after 12th, it was discovered that the academy from Udaipur trains the pilot. But the cost was Rs 20 lakhs. Dad told his intention to fulfill my dream and then he did everything that a father does for his daughter and I am in front of you today.

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