COA chairman Vinod Rai recommended severe punishment against the warm Pandya and KL Rahul, what if ..?

Rahul has not yet reacted on the social media. But Vinod has recommended strict punishment against these two players.

Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul have bought the trouble for themselves. These two stars players of the popular TV show “Coffee with Karan” (Coffee with Karan) recently in India in warm Pandya responding to (Hardik Pandya) and KL Rahul (KL Rahul) are still among the millions of Indian cricket The topic of discussion has remained. There is open communication that no such role can be talked about on the National Channel. It is being discussed that after all what these young people want to prove. Say anything, no limit, no limit. However, whatever Hardik and KL Rahul have said, but now the BCCI has decided to punish them. Vinod Rai, chairman of Cricket Administrative Committee (COA), has recommended strong punishment against both the players. Now the second member of the committee remains on Diana Edulgie.

Apart from the comments of both of these at the show, not only cricket enthusiasts, but the rest of the people also expressed a very strong reaction to their conversation. The matter reached the Cricket Administrative Committee (COA) Vinod Rai and Diana Edulji, then he sent the matter to the legal cell of BCCI. Earlier on Wednesday, the CoA had asked both the players to issue a show-cause notice and reply on Wednesday. In response, Hardik Pandya expressed his regrets so much that he would never repeat such behavior again.

But now the response to the hearty response of COA chairman Vinod Rai has come up. He said that I am not satisfied with the cleanliness given by Hardik. Keep in mind that Hardik told about Karan Johar’s association with many women and about having this topic open with his parents. The vocabulary that they said was very objectionable. However, in the show, KL Rahul was much more moderate than the Hardik Pandya who played for Mumbai Indians.

KL Rahul has not yet reacted on the social media over the frenzy. But Vinod has recommended strict punishment against these two players. However, the final decision will be taken only after the green flag of Diana Edulji. Rai said that in fact Diana Edulji has asked for legal advice whether the two players can be banned. Obviously, once the legal advice is received, the final decision will be taken in this regard. Rai said that the statements of the players are silly and unacceptable.

He said that this is the reason why I have recommended the ban of two matches against these two. It is believed that Diana Edulji has sought advice from the Board Executive CK Khanna, Executive Secretary and Treasurer Anirudh Chaudhary. After this, it has been discussed among Indian cricket fans that there is no such situation that Hardik Pandya and K. Rahul Rahul have to sit out of the opening two ODIs against Australia.

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