6 Banned Indian Movies That You Should Strictly Watch Alone

Hollywood has been known for making movies with bold and intimate scenes. It’s no surprise to see unsimulated intimate scenes in a Hollywood movie. They are very open-minded and always try to experiment with their films. The same goes for the world cinema. But such is not the case with the Indian cinema, the Bollywood industry. We usually follow the mainstream Indian cinema, the Bollywood. Bollywood is mostly known for its typical masala, romantic movies or for some cheap Hollywood rip off action movies. It is the largest film industry in the world, it produces more number of films than any other country’s cinema.

Most of us are only familiar with the commercial movies, however there is another type of cinema that most of us are not familiar with. The Independent Indian cinema which takes on taboos, uses bold and vulgar language, even features the unsimulated intimate scenes for the sake of film’s authenticity. Most of such films are not popular as they are not mainstream and our censor board either bans them or censors them to the extent where a film loses its significance. As a result most of the people don’t even know about the existence of these banned Indian films.

The films that you’re about to see below have real bareness and unsimulated intimate scenes. Something you have never ever seen before in the Indian Cinema. They feature explicit love-making scenes which sparked a lot of controversy when they were released. Many of these banned Indian movies are very underrated, not-so-popular as the other commercial movies. The Independent cinema is always trying to push the envelope, prove to the world that we can make good thought-provoking films, not just masala movies only.

So let’s take a look at 6 Banned Indian Movies That You Should Strictly Watch Alone

1. Chatrak

The ‘Hate Story’ fame actress Paoli Dam sparked a controversy when she bared it all in front of the camera. This Bengali film features a 100% real oral scene. The explicit scene between Paoli Dam and Anubrata Basu depicted in the film, caused uproar in India. The story follows a a Bengali architect who returns to Kolkata after an absence of several years. He reunites his girlfriend, Paoli, and then they both set out to find Rahul’s brother, who is believed to have gone mad and lives in the forest.

2. Gandhu

This film caused a lot of controversies and was heavily criticized for its content. It features excessive profanity, intimate scenes, and a lot more stuff that you surely don’t wanna watch with your family. Because of the language and scenes, the audiences have left the film in between, especially when the lead actor of the film shows his erect willy. It has oral and unsimulated scenes between Anubrata Basu and Rituparna Sen, the film is directed by Rituparna’s boyfriend. The film was praised for its cinematography, visuals, and for its black and white format.

3. Cosmic Love Making

Cosmic SX is a 2014 art-house Independent Bengali Film, the film deals with the connection of physical intimacy and spirituality. A young troubled man Kripa who is on the run from violence meets a woman who resembles his dead mother. The woman gives him shelter and teaches him the importance of love, intimacy, spirituality. Well like the above films it features unsimulated love-making scenes. There’s nothing special about the film, the story is cheesy, decent performances by the cast. Watch it if you have a ton of free time and well there’s a lot of SX in it.

4. Sins

The film tells the erotic journey of a catholic priest who gets romantically involved with a young woman. Due to the controversial topless scenes and projecting the Catholicism in a negative way, this film was banned. The film is based on the story of a Kerala priest who was sentenced to death for harassment and murder charges. The film stars Shiney Ahuja and Seema Rahmani in the leading roles, as the name goes, the film features a lot of sinfully explicit bare scenes.

5. The Pink Mirror

This film explores the controversial subject of Indian transsexuals. The Indian censor board banned the film calling it vulgar and offensive. The film received rave reviews all over the world and won numerous awards for its exploration of the taboo subject in a touching manner.

6. Kama Sutra – A Tale Of Love

Isn’t it ironic how a film which explores the subject of Kama Sutra is banned in the land of Kama Sutra. This Mira Nair directed art film won numerous awards all over the world, but our censor board couldn’t digest the excessive bareness depicted in the film for the expression of the story. It’s one of the most famous banned Indian films.

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